Century Pro Snooker Chalk

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Century Pro Snooker Chalk

Century Pro Snooker Chalk – Following an extensive two-year period of research and development, Century Pro are proud to announce the launch of their latest innovative product: Century Pro Chalk. Utilising a unique formula, the highest quality materials and stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process, Century Pro Chalk is specifically designed for all modern cue sports and discerning players wanting the very best. Enhanced grip, great feel on every shot, no miscues, reduced kicks and a super clean environment set the new standard for chalk performance. Optimised to be the perfect playing partner for all grades of Century Pro Cue Tips, but equally good with all other brands.

Take your game and confidence to the next level with Century Pro Chalk.


Why Choose Century Pro Chalk?

• Unique advanced formula

• Highest quality materials

• Each CC Chalk prepared by hand

• Tested and approved by professional players

• Enhanced grip capabilities

• Superior cue ball control

• Minimal chalking required

• No miscues

• Reduced kicks

• Clean table

• Label tear-away as chalk wears down

• Precision manufactured in the UK

• Verification code inside each box

• Available in both Green (snooker) and Blue (pool)


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