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Cannon Scorpion 3 Sectioned Pool Cue

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Cannon Scorpion 3 Sectioned Pool Cue

Cannon Scorpion 3 Sectioned Pool Cue is a 3 sectioned pool cue made with a carefully selected ash shaft with a black metallic butt section and a silver coloured mid-section. The Cannon collection of cues are manufactured by Peradon to offer exceptional value for money. All Cannon cues are 57 inches in length with the exception of the Cub which is 48 inches. Cues feature ash wood shafts, brass ferrules, blue chrome tips and are fitted with solid brass joints. The 3/4 jointed Cannon cues are fitted with a Peradon Cannon quick-release joint system.


Dimensions (Averaged):

  • Length: 57 inches / 145 cm.
  • Weight: 17 oz / 481 g.
  • Tip: 9mm



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