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Buffalo Revolution No 6 American Pool Cue


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Buffalo Revolution No 6 American Pool Cue

Buffalo Revolution No 6 American Pool Cue has a grey textured butt wrap with a birdseye maple and hi-gloss ebony contra splice patterned forearm. Revolution cues  are a true innovation in cue design.

Revolution cues utilise the latest technologies from tip to bumper to impress with style and sweep your opponents away. The patented ‘”Shaped Charge Technology’ Ferrule” uses the same principle as armour piercing ammunition. The Maestri eight layered tip is mounted on to a carbon fibre energy plate, guiding energy without waste to deliver the biggest hit, deeper into the cue ball.

The beautifully engraved mirror finished stainless steel pilot joint (AD18N) ensures seamless continuity between the professionally tapered, hard rock Canadian maple shaft and the stunningly decorated butt.  The exclusive butt designs are protected by 12 coats of UV cured hi-gloss lacquer finish for the ultimate in durability and smoothness. Revolution’s “Dynamic Shock Protection” wrap absorbs vibration and has contrasting highly tacky textures so you can find your own favourite grip. The engraved, mirror finished stainless steel butt caps encase monogrammed noise subduing rubber bumpers. Revolution from Buffalo, truly the new order in pool cues…





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