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Buffalo Dominator No 3 American Pool Cue

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Buffalo Dominator No 3 American Pool Cue

Buffalo Dominator No 3 American Pool Cue – A revolutionary new design in cues, combining sporty looks with the latest available technology in cues: “Shaped Charged Technology” or SCT.  The SCT technology has been directly acquired from the weapons industry, utilising “guided energy”, which is used to pierce the worlds thickest armour!

The SCT ferrule, in combination with the carbon fibre plate, transfers guided cue energy deeper in to the cue ball, with less effort and an overall, “hey, this is easy” feel to the cue!  Besides the SCT Buffalo Dominator cues have a “Dynamic Shock Protection Grip” which absorbs all vibrations, to give a strong, sturdy and steady hand.



  • Maestri 8 layered cue tip.
  • Engraved S.C.T. ferrule.
  • Carbon fibre energy plate.
  • Dynamic Shock Protection Grip.
  • Dominator engraved, mirror finished stainless steel butt cap.
  • Mirror finished stainless steel pilot joint (AD18N).
  • Buffalo’s engraved noise subduing bumper. 
  • Average weight is 19 – 21 oz (538 – 623 gram).


Buffalo Dominator No 3 American Pool Cue

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