Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball

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Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball

Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball – Genuine Phenolic resin ball with a pattern fully embedded under a UNIQUE wear resistant layer.

Training aid

“Most players are aware that the ability to control the cue ball is essential to becoming a winning player. With it’s simple “you do” training technique, the Q-Tru Training Ball will allow you to improve your level of competency within a couple of hours of practice, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced player.”

The concept is a high-quality belgian-made phenolic Aramith cue ball, with is marked at 9 different points in the shape of a clock. The enclosed instruction booklet then outlines, in diagram form, a selection of set shots with up to 4 variations on each shot. Each variation will make the cue ball rebound differently to gain optimum position for the next shot, to complete a winning series.

This simple but effective teaching tool is suitable for all types of billiard games from American Pool to Snooker and Eight Ball.

Size : 57.2 mm (2 1/4″)

Key benefits from using the Q-Tru Training Ball

  • The ball marks allow you to train yourself at hitting the ball accurately at the same spot.
  • By using the different marks you’ll learn how to determine the rebound of the Cue Ball.
  • The pattern will teach you how to strategically reposition the ball after each shot to complete a full game.

Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball

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