How Certain Snooker Cues Can Benefit a Snooker Players Performance

The quality of a snooker cue can transform the way you play. At Cuepower, we specialise in high quality cue craft snookers cues, which are sleek and professional and compatible with a number of accompanying accessories. Today, we will take a look at some of the finest ranges of snooker cue producers that we stock, and how they can benefit a snooker player in boosting their performance, just in time for the 2019 World Snooker Championship.

Peradon Snooker Cues

Peradon have been making and selling professional snooker cues since 1885, making them the oldest snooker cue suppliers in the world. They pioneered the hand spliced cue, which has been replicated and standardised by cue makers across the globe. The splice refers to the solid piece of wood at the top end of the cue, and when handmade, the quality and feel is far superior to that of a painted splice. They offer a variety of different snooker cue ranges, differing in price yet maintaining the high quality they have produced for decades. 

Cannon Snooker Cues 

The Cannon snooker cue range is a lower costing alternative to more expensive and professional options. Their high quality combined with low cost makes them an excellent choice for snooker players aiming to improve their snooker playing while achieving great value for money.

The cannon snooker cues are available in a variety of styles, suited to your specific tastes and preferences. For instance, the cannon tornado snooker cue is fitted with a protective leather butt pad, with screw on and push on extension features available to allow you to customise the cue. The design of this cue is suitable for both snooker and pool.

Britannia Snooker Cues

Britannia snooker cues are another affordable yet high quality snooker cue brand.

They offer a range of cue styles, ranging from a spliced cue of a number of different woods for a colourful and stylish appearance, to a more subtle and classic style of ash wood with a hand spliced ebony butt. 

Cue Craft Snooker Cues

Cue craft snooker cue offers four ranges; heritage, triumph, pro and ultimate. Each range is crafted with a different type of wood, for a sleek and attractive finish in a number of shades and styles. A number of their cues are also able to be extended in length if required, by use of an extension accessory.

What are the different options for a snooker cue?

Now that two of the leading snooker cue producers have been discussed, you may be wondering which style of snooker cue is the best choice for your style of play.

1 piece snooker cues are the more traditional style of snooker cue. As they are made all in one piece, they cannot be taken apart, meaning once you have your cue in your hand you have everything you need to start playing.

Alternatively, our manufacturers also produce 2 piece and 3 piece snooker cues. A 2 piece cue refers to centre jointed snooker cues, which have a mid-joint in the cue’s centre. This allows you to fold it down to a smaller size and transport it much more easily.

A 3 piece snooker cue refers to a cue with a joint in the butt section; this makes them perfect for snooker players who may be required to make long shots, as an extension can be easily fitted to increase its length.