Could a ¾ Jointed Snooker Cue Be for You?

Amongst professionals and amateurs alike, the ¾ jointed snooker cue continues to gain popularity. If you’re currently in the market for a new snooker cue but aren’t sure which type to opt for, it’s important to understand what each variety of cue can offer. You need to consider what would be best suited to your game and your lifestyle. What type of cue feels best, performs best, and looks best? Do you need a cue that is easy to store and transport? Perhaps a ¾ jointed cue is for you? To help you make up your mind, here are a few pointers…

 So, exactly what is a ¾ jointed snooker cue?

A multi-jointed cue, comprising three parts, a 3/4-jointed snooker cue has an added level of versatility, in that it enables players to attach extensions at the end – for more tactical play.

Weight is evenly distributed along the shaft of the cue, as a result of the cue having two joints. And being easy to dismantle, ¾ jointed cues are also a great option for players who travel. They can be carried in a compact manner, with a wide range of ¾ cue bags available specifically for that purpose.

Brand matters

Whatever your reason for wanting a ¾ joined snooker cue, here at, we are proud to offer our customers an excellent range of ¾ jointed cues for casual or professional use. Having a quality brand, really does matter and all of our cues are provided by world renowned snooker manufacturers.

We focus on being able to provide a variety of traditional and modern styles – so there’s something to suit everyone. Our range includes superior brands like the Peradon ¾ jointed snooker cue, the Powerglide ¾ jointed cue and the Cue Craft ¾ jointed cue. You’ll be able to find stand-out cue designs to suit your tastes – with a selection of patterns and refined finishes available.

Attachment expertise

Of course, a ¾ jointed snooker cue is most useful when it has attachments to go with it. Handily, at we are also able to provide these attachments for you. Many of our ¾ jointed cues come with a 6-inch mini butt to give your cue that little extra reach, whilst Cue Craft’s vast choice of cues also come with a free extra mini butt to provide extra length to your cue when required.

If it’s a pool cue you’re looking for, rather than a snooker cue, we have a selection of ¾ English pool cues available too.

Get in touch

With a 15-year track record of expert retail experience under our belts, at, we pride ourselves on the consistency and quality of our product collection and the service we deliver to our customers.

Our main emphasis is selling a diverse range of high-quality branded products bringing our customers the latest in everything from within the cue-sport world, at affordable prices, season after season.

We’re confident that we’ll have the right ¾ jointed cue for you. To browse our products please visit the manufacturers’ individual pages on our website or get in touch with us by phone, email or in person at our Worksop based store. We’re always happy to help