Could a ¾ Jointed Snooker Cue Be for You?

Amongst professionals and amateurs alike, the ¾ jointed snooker cue continues to gain popularity. If you’re currently in the market for a new snooker cue but aren’t sure which type to opt for, it’s important to understand what each variety of cue can offer. You need to consider what would be best suited to your […]

All About our Pool Tables

Here at Cue Power, we have an extensive collection of tables available for a variety of table games, specialising in snooker and pool tables. Whether you are a professional player, a hobbyist, or a venue looking for a top-quality pool table or pool table lighting, you have come to the right place. As well as […]

Our Snooker Equipment

At Cuepower, our goal is to offer everything you need to enjoy the great game of snooker in one convenient place.  It would be quite possible for someone to assemble a full size snooker room, complete with accessories, from the articles on this site.  But that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality – our products […]

All About Our Snooker Tables

Here at Cue Power, we provide our customers tables for a wide range of table games. We provide, specialising in both snooker and pool tables. Today our focus will be on our range of snooker tables. Whether a professional player looking to practise, a hobbyist looking to play at home, or a venue wanting to […]

All About Our Snooker and Pool Cues

Whether you’re a professional player or a hobbyist, you will know that there are a great many options when it comes to snooker and pool cues. Today we’re going to focus on the range of cues, so you can find the ideal cue to play with for you, whether a complete novice or a seasoned […]