All About Our Snooker and Pool Cues

Whether you’re a professional player or a hobbyist, you will know that there are a great many options when it comes to snooker and pool cues. Today we’re going to focus on the range of cues, so you can find the ideal cue to play with for you, whether a complete novice or a seasoned player.

English Pool Break Cues

A break cue is specifically designed for breaking off or beginning a game. In the case of the English pool break cue, it is particularly useful for a game of English 8 ball pool. We stock a 57-inch break cue from Peradon, which is made from kiln-dried ash wood and spliced with a large rosewood front splice. What makes it useful as a break cue is the black fibre ferrule and 10mm Elkmaster tip.

One-Piece Snooker Cues

The one-piece cue is the most popular around and could be considered a staple item due to its versatility, used both in professional and non-professional environments. The weight is normally between 17 to 18 ounces, but it is always advisable to choose a cue that best suits you. If you browse our selection, you will find seventeen different options.

Two-Piece Snooker Cues

The two-piece cues are also known as centre-jointed cues due to their ability to be dissembled. This can be useful when you need to store them away, as well as pack them up and travel with them. As with many other items, we stock two-piece cues from a variety of brands, including BCE, Cue Craft, Peradon and Power Glide.

¾ Jointed Snooker Cues

When it comes to ¾ jointed cues, there’s an extensive range available from brands such as Britannia Cues, Cannon, Cue Craft of England, and Peradon. This type of cue may be useful for when you want to attach an extension to employ particular tactics, or you may simply just like the look and feel of it.

8 Ball Pool Cues

From our range of great brands, we stock a variety of different 8 ball cues, which tend to measure around 55-57 inches long, with a different weight depending on your chosen model. Within this range you can customise certain elements depending on the make and model, including the butt joint, cue length, cue weight, ferrule and joint material, joint position, tip make and tip size.

Short Cues

We also supply short cues, which measure between 36 to 54 inches. These enable the player to pick a cue that perfectly suits their own height rather than just a standard size, which may be too big and impact on the play. These cues are perfect for young children to start playing pool or snooker.

American Pool Cues

Our American cues are designed for the larger game tables, so these all measure at the full size of 57 inches. In this range, we feature products from Buffalo, Mac Morran, Stinger, and Universal.

Break and Jump Cues

Lastly, we stock jump and break cues, which is a typically American-style pool cue, often used in a 9-ball and 10-ball game. Its name refers to the fact that it is permitted to jump the ball over an object ball. The cues themselves feature a hardened tip as this provides the most power for that first shot.

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